Kaizen Foundation


Ours is a social organization, working for the society on no loss no profit basis.

Kaizen Means continuous development, a change for betterment

Its head office is situated at Aurangabad ( Maharashtra , India ) a place famous for world renowned Ajanta  caves.


Office bearers.


  1. President Dr. Suresh B. Deshmukh 44 yrs Male / Homoeopathic profession.


  1. Vice President Mrs. Sandhya M. Gaushal, 37 yrs female/ Educationist


  1.  Secretary Dr. Prof. Mahendra H. Gaushal M.D. ( Hom) , 44 yrs / Male / Educationist and Homoeopathic Practitioner.


  1. Treasurer Premanand S. Bhosale , 26 yrs male / Industrialist



And team of other seven to support above ..








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2008 Dr. Mahendra H. Gaushal